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Packer Center

The building housing the ADHS was built by Anna’s village doctor, Dr. Johnson, in 1912.  It was used as his home/office until 1933, when it was sold to the first of a long list of owners and residents to inhabit the house.  After being purchased by Ms. Linda Glessner, the home was deeded to the ADHS in October of 2016. Through the generosity of many people with their time and resources, we have made numerous repairs and improvements to the Center. 


  • Complete replacement, HVAC and electrical systems

  • New plumbing for restrooms

  • Refinished lower, upper, staircase hardwood floors


  • New porch

  • New ADHS sign

  • New attic windows

  • Remodeled kitchen

  • New ADA lower floor restroom

  • Remodeled upper restroom

  • Repaired ceilings throughout

  • Installed new ceiling lighting


  • New outside entrance to basement recently added to west side of the Packer Historical Center to accommodate larger items

  • New foundation on the north and west side of the building

  • New entrance on the back of the house

  • Two new oak storm doors have been custom made for the entrance doors on the porch


  • New porch ceiling and lights

  • New ID lettering on porch

  • Wheelchair lift installation

  • Landscaping

  • Fireplace restoration

  • New oak shelving for library


  • Entrance door refinishing

  • Restoration of glass in upper level double doors


  • New energy efficient windows throughout building

  • New foundation and rear of building

  • New double door entrance to basement

  • Removal of old cistern

  • New custom storm doors on east side of the building

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